Akkök Holding has been a corporation which drives social benefit throughout its history over half a century. Aware of the fact that it has achieved its current success with the support it got from the society, Akkök also shapes its sense of social responsibility in this direction. Therefore, social responsibility activities of Akkök Holding spread to Turkey as a whole, and especially the regions where the subsidiaries of the Holding operate. Within the scope of its social responsibility strategy, the Holding aims to contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the regions it operates in and to ensure that all investments and projects are sustainable.
While deciding on the investments in this area, it is assured that the projects to be supported serve the primary requirements of the society. Akkök concentrates on social responsibility activities in the fields of education, environment, culture-arts and sports and supports projects in line with the values constituting the corporate culture of the Holding.
Another point to be considered in social responsibility projects is to ensure that the projects reach the largest audience possible and to obtain these people's support. For this reason Akkök works in coordination with the NGOs, other institutions where the projects are carried out and with scientists, while conducting the social responsibility projects.
As one of the most well-established industry groups, Akkök Holding makes long-term sustainable investments. It aims to help environment, society and national economy with its investments and activities, and works to assure that its products create added value and are innovative and environment-friendly.
Akkök Holding acts on the principle that generations of people living in a healthy and clean environment is as essential as innovative products. And By signing the United Nations Global Compact in 2007 which takes the lead in spreading the universal principles of the private sector in the sustainable development journey, Akkök took its first step to transform its corporate responsibility understanding into universal norms. In addition to this, the Holding's approach to sustainable growth and social responsibility is more clearly evidenced day after day by the awards that the subsidiaries of the Holding receive in these areas.
Operating within the body of Akkök Holding, Akenerji is the first institution registered in the national carbon registry practice. It is also one of two Turkish energy companies included in the Carbon Disclosure Project. On the other hand, Aksa Akrilik is one of the first Turkish companies to sign the UN Global Compact which takes the lead in spreading the universal principles of the private sector in the sustainable development journey. Aksa Akrilik has become the first and only Turkish chemistry company to be certified at the "C Level" by GRI and to be included in the 2011 yearbook containing the model practices within the Global Compact. Thanks to its innovation and sustainability-oriented strategy, the company received the "Hall of Fame - Strategy Management Award" by Palladium, which is one of the most prestigious awards of the world, in 2010. Aksa was also one of the 44 companies in the world, being the first and only in Turkey, to be included in the "Global Compact Year Book 2011". In addition, Ak-Kim made an innovation in the chemical industry by organizing the Ak-Kim Sustainability Workshop with the purpose of creating a roadmap for the Sustainability Report of 2013. And in early 2014, as a consequence of the "Third Progress Report" prepared in accordance with international reporting standards of GRI (Global Reporting Initiative), it was qualified to be certified at the C Level.  Akenerji won “Bronze” at the Vision Awards Annual Report Competition, held annually by the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP), one of the world’s most prestigious public relations organizations. The 2015 Sustainability Report, prepared in line with the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines, was awarded the LACP “Bronze" Award in the Energy Industry with a score of 96 out of 100 at the end of the international evaluation process including all industries.
The protocol was signed with the local authorities in Yalova, where the Group has been operating since 1969, on November 30, 2006 for the construction of a cultural center which will host all forms of cultural activities.
Following the signing of the protocol by Akkök and the Municipality of Yalova, construction works for the Raif Dinçkök Cultural Center has been initiated on a site of 10,000 m2. The Center will consist of four separate blocks interconnected with footpaths and encircled with an outer shell. The buildings completed in 2011
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Education is the fundamental prerequisite for economic and cultural advancement of a society. The presence of well-educated individuals is also a pledge toward securing Turkey’s future. Therefore, involvement in projects that support education has always been among the top priorities of Akkök Group.

Gift of Akkök to the Kids of Yalova: ‘Firefly Mobile Learning Unit’ .
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The idea of the creation of a shared and collective culture of development among all the world’s inhabitants is the basis of the UN Global Compact Principles. The Global Compact introduces universal principles and defines a brand new corporate responsibility based on full voluntarism. It emphasizes the necessity for the social and environmental sustainability of development and creates an opportunity for public, private and non-governmental organizations to come together around a common ideal within a network of corporate citizenship.
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