Aksa maintained its powerful and competitive position in the sector during 2010, confidently progressing on the road to excellence with an approach sensitive to efficiency, the people and the environment.

A reliable, powerful and competitive position in both Turkish and global markets in 2010

In 2010, sharp price fluctuations were noted in the acrylic fiber market that triggered a chain reaction and affected various interrelated sectors. The price increase for ACN, the primary raw material of acrylic fiber, caused by the fluctuations in the supply and demand balance was the most critical development of the previous year. While the ACN supply was limited, the demand for acrylic fiber increased, resulting in unprecedented high prices. The price differences between acrylic fiber and substitute fibers increased and as a result, the demand shrinked unexpectedly in the Far Eastern markets, followed by other markets. The prices of natural and synthetic fibers have increased rapidly from the beginning of October and the usual seasonal demand was restored, minimizing the negative impacts of the shrinking demand between June and September. As a result of all these developments, the capacity utilization rate of Aksa was realized as 86% in 2010.
Aksa maintained its powerful and competitive position in the sector confidently progressing on the road to excellence with an approach sensitive to efficiency, the people and the environment. The Company stood out in the world market with a share of 13.2% and holds a leading position in the Turkish market with a share of 67%. Aksa is the largest acrylic fiber producer in the world, operating under a single roof; and it plays a major role in Turkey becoming the second largest acrylic fiber market after China. Aksa aims to achieve the same success in the carbon fiber sector as well and plans its investments and lays it strategy accordingly. 
Carbon fiber is considered as the strategic material of the future because of its strength and lightness as well as increasing efficiency and offering environmentally compatible and sustainable solutions. Carbon fiber has been an area of focus for Aksa both in 2009 and 2010. The carbon fiber produced by Aksa under the AKSACA brand has a competitive cost, a reliable supply process and high quality. The brand has a prominent position in the market and has increased the share of special products in total sales last year. In the last quarter of 2009, the Company started to operate its carbon fiber facility with an annual production capacity of 1,500 tons. The facility operated at full capacity throughout 2010 and achieved high sales figures surpassing targets. 
The use of carbon fiber is expected to further increase mainly in two sectors; in line with increasing investments in ECO friendly vehicles in the automotive sector and also in line with the increased use of composite materials in newly launched aircraft models in the aviation industry. When all these indicators are evaluated together with the market growth, the global carbon fiber market is estimated to reach an annual volume of 150 thousand tons, in ten years from now. The projections are supported by the fact that the global market has doubled in the past ten years, reaching 43 thousand tons/year. 
Aiming to secure a 10% share in the carbon fiber market by 2020, Aksa decided to invest in the second production line and increase the capacity of the current production line by 300 tons. The second production line with an annual capacity of 1,700 tons will start operations in July 2012. 
“Hall Of Fame” 2010

Aksa was awarded by Palladium with the prestigious Hall of Fame prize in 2010 Aksa was the third Turkish company to receive an award in this category. The selection criteria for the Hall of Fame 2010 award is based on how and to what extent a corporation implements “strategy focused” practices and the impact of these practices on business results for the overall sector. The world-renowned Harvard Business Review publishes the practices implemented at companies who have received this award; these practices are then taught as case studies at Harvard Business School.

Competitiveness Awards

Aksa was granted the Merit Award in the “Most Competitive Company of the Year” category, during the Competitiveness Awards organized this year for the first time by SEDEFED (Federation of Industrial Associations) at the Competition Congress. The competition model Aksa maintains under all circumstances had a major role in winning this award. The evaluation criteria for the Competitiveness Award are some basic indicators such as export and growth performance, added value and profit performance, as well as other performance related to customers, society, HR, technology, innovation, environment and sustainable strategies. 
Customer tailored practices, high value-added products
As part of its profit increasing strategies, Aksa produces special products as well as products and services for various sectors. Accordingly, the Company continued to closely monitor the needs and expectations of its customers in 2010. The newly launched products, “Super Bright” and “Micro Pillout” met customers’ expectations and received positive reactions from the market.
In 2010, the Company added the homopolymer acrylic fiber, used in hot gas filtration systems to its technical fiber products portfolio. This new product was a major step in developing high value-added products not only for the textiles sector but also for other industrial sectors. The product proved to be high quality at the product tests conducted in the European market. Aksa’s product is being tried out at major power plant tenders. Additionally, the Oeko-Tex 100 certification was secured for this product in 2010.

Environmentally friendly investments

In 2010, Aksa continued it investments toward maintaining its position as the supplier offering the most competitive cost. The Company spent a total of US$ 96 million in 136 projects that are classified as “cost reduction”, “new product development and increased profitability”, “new technology and process” and environment and sociely”.

Aksa places much importance on carrying out every stage of production in an environmentally friendly and efficient manner and at high performance levels. Therefore, energy generation investments and improvement activities were major focus areas for the Company in 2010. In this regard, the Company’s largest investment is the energy generation plant with a capacity of 100 MW to realize its strategic targets. This facility will startup operations in the first quarter of 2011 and is expected to increase Aksa’s total installed capacity to 170 MW. 

Aiming to maintain its low cost advantage and sector leadership, Aksa carried out many projects related to cost reduction and new technology and process development. In 2010, the energy generarion plant with a capacity of 100 MW and the carbon fiber production facility with an annual capacity of 1,500 tons, took the largest share from the investment budget allocated to 136 projects. 

In 2010, Aksa focused on developing new products for various sectors. Accordingly, the Company carries out its R&D activities in the R&D Center, simultaneously and in coordination with market research and its effort to secure the raw material supply.
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