Ak-Tops has adopted a customer-focused management style since its establishment in 1986; it is one of the first 100 companies to receive the TS EN ISO 9000 Quality Management System Certification in Turkey.

Innovative practices that create a competitive edge

Ak-Tops has the world’s largest production capacity in its field. In 2010, the Company continued to offer quality, cost and service related advantages to its customers operating in knitwear, fabrics, blanket and carpet industries. 

Ak-Tops products fall into several categories: acrylic color tow, acrylic ecru and color staple fiber, acrylic bleaching, acrylic and wool optic dyeing, acrylic and wool dyeing and acrylic and wool tops/bumps. Steadfast in its application of quality policies to all business processes, Ak-Tops was one of the first 100 enterprises in Turkey to receive the TS EN ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems Certification. Subsequently awarded the TS EN ISO 9001:2008 QMS Certificate, the Company was the first in Akkök Group to implement the TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System in 2006. Additionally, Corporate Resource Planning applications, part of the 6-Sigma business methods, are of crucial importance to the Company. Since it started the 6-Sigma applications, the Company has achieved earnings of over US$ 4 million. 

Like all other Akkök Group companies, Ak-Tops is aware that creating added-value is possible not only via production but also by showing respect to society and the environment. In line with this awareness, the Company successfully adopted the TS EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System in 2008. As a proof of its sensitivity toward preserving ecological balance, the system of industrial waste elimination employed at Ak-Tops avoids risk and ensures compliance with the preservation of ecological balance. According to the results of weekly analyses made at the Company’s wastewater treatment facility, the average need for chemical oxygen amounts to 100-110 mg/l.

Ak-Tops has adopted a customer-focused management since its establishment in 1986. Accordingly, the Company closely monitors the technological advancements in the sector and develops products that maintains its competitive edge in a constantly changing market environment and to fully satisfy customer expectations. 
A healthy work environment in line with the “Humans First” policy

Within the framework of the “Humans First” approach in its HR management, the Company attaches great importance to occupational health and safety practices in all production processes; it ensures the participation of all employees in these efforts. The Company continued to diligently improve the occupational safety practices in 2010. Ak-Tops’ performance in terms of accident frequency rate/ratio was close to the average statistics of Turkey’s Social Security Administration; the Company’s accident severity rate and frequency was 72% below the average.

Ak-Tops closely monitors the developments in the sector and accordingly conducts regular training programs for its employees to ensure an ongoing development of their competencies and professional skills while enabling them to attain new skills.

2010: A year in which investments were successfully realized

Despite the negative impact of the 2008 global crisis felt in Turkey and around the world, Ak-Tops acted with insight and was able to avoid the worst of the crisis during 2010. The Company achieved all of its targets, apart from department based production quantities and closed the year successfully. 2010 figures reveal that the production at dyeing departments and the Tops department decreased by 4.2% and 8.6%, respectively. On the other hand, the production of the staple fiber department increased by 18.6%.

In 2010, Ak-Tops successfully realized its planned investments and further increased efficiency with regard to dyeing, energy and labor costs. Operating in a sector where market conditions continuously change and a competitive edge becomes more and more important, Ak-Tops maintained its success in 2010, thanks to its innovative approach, competent employees, product diversity, timely deliveries of orders and superior quality advantages.

2011: A productive year with an increased pace in production

Ak-Tops makes its production and investment plans in line with changing circumstances in Turkey and around the world. Thus in 2011, the Company plans to achieve production targets in all of its departments. Ak-Tops cooperates with Aksa in the efforts of increasing Tops orders and in developing new products to meet customer expectations. This cooperation between Ak-Tops and Aksa is a model of synergy among Group companies.

Among Ak-Tops’ 2011 targets are also increasing the work force and energy efficiency by making the press investment in its staple fiber department and decreasing the operational costs per unit production.
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