Awards under the “Most Environment-friendly Akkok City” competition organized under the “Talent Seeds” project were given to the winners. With this project, Akkok Group of Companies, one of the eminent names in Turkey, intends to dig out the creative nature of university students and to create a platform for collaboration with young people.
Ozge Mecit and Fatma Kurtulus, two students from Yildiz Technical University, managed to create the “Most Environment-friendly Akkok City” for 2052, the 100th anniversary of Akkok Group. They won a one-month foreign language education in a country they will choose.
With a strong faith in the notion that the basic condition for the cultural and economic development of a society is education, Akkok Group of Companies continues to come up with projects that would contribute to growing number of individuals who will shape up Turkey’s future.
In the light of this, the “Talent Seeds Project” was launched to present a platform to university students to dig out their creative attributes and to make use of their skills; to make them more receptive about environmental sensitivity as well as to offer cooperation opportunities for young people to meet the current and future needs of the Group for human resources.
With the “Most Environment-friendly Akkok City” competition organized under the Project, students were asked to create their own “Most Environment-friendly Akkok City” for 2052 based on the concept of a living space accommodating companies of the Group in the fields of chemicals, energy, real estate, textile and port operation.
The competition proved to be highly popular among the student. The jury included Ayca Dinckok, Akkok Board Member, Aysegul Molu, the General Manager of Advertising Association and Advertising Foundation, Cengiz Solakoglu, the Board Chairman of Turkish Educational Volunteers, Emre Arolat, the Architect, Meral Tamer, a columnist in Milliyet, Necati Evren, the Vice-president of Urbanism Office in Iller Bank and Assoc Pro Oguz Baburoğlu, a lecturer from Sabanci University.

Winner of the Competition: Residents of the City Utopia
In the competition organized for students from 4-year engineering faculty, economy and administration faculty and faculty of science and letters in Turkish universities, five projects reached the finals: Bahar Taban, Fikret Ceyhun Ertugrul and Fulya Ersoy, Bioengineering Students from Ege University (“Joyjoys”), and Erdem Sarikaya and Mehlika Ozdemir, Industrial Engineering students from Istanbul Technical University (“London Bridge”), Kemal Apaydin and Ozge Yuzgec, Industrial Engineering students from Bilkent University (“Torpedo”), Fatma Kurtulus and Ozge Mecit, Industrial and Environmental Engineering Students from Yildiz Technical University (“Residents of the City Utopia”) and Sedat Durel, Irem Bengisu Seker and Benzer Berkay Tuncay, Environmental Engineers and Metallurgy and Materials Engineers from Marmara University (“Yelkovan”).
“Residents of the City Utopia” consisting of Fatma Kurtulus and Ozge Mecit, Industrial and Environmental Engineering Students from Yildiz Technical University were hailed as the winners of the competition.
Mecit and Kurtulus, who left behind other finalists, received their prize, a gift check, from Ayca Dinckok, the Board member of Akkok Group of Companies. This check means that the winners may have a one-month foreign language education in any country they will choose.
Dinckok: “We will continue to create platforms to find out and integrate new talents to the business world”
In her speech in the awards ceremony, Ms, Ayca Dinckok first expressed her condolences for the families and relatives of those who lost their lives in the military operation attack to the fleet which was on its way to Gazze for humanitarian aid. Thereafter she said the following: “In Akkok Group, we always keep a close eye on all changes, developments and technology at global scale to improve our trade marks and corporate image for the better. We believe that the power of the young people give us a strong dynamism and thus we always seek to attract and train specialists, managers and leaders who may bring values to our Group’s performance. We are extremely pleased that our competition called “Most Environment-friendly Akkok City”  has proven to be so popular among university students. Our Talent Seeds Project will continue to grow for the better in near future to offer a platform to attract new talents to the business world”
To promote the “Most Environment-friendly Akkok City” competition to the students more crisply, a team led by Akkok Human Resources Department visited Bilkent, Bogazici, ITU, Kocaeli, Marmara, METU, Sakarya, Uludag and Yildiz Technical Universities. There were face-to-face talks with students who also learnt about Human Resources policy of Akkok Group of Companies. Mini chats were held with Akkok Group of Companies officers and students received a “Creativeness” training during the event.