The second “Akkok Talent Seeds” project was organized this year with a different concept and a brand-new content. This project has been launched by Akkok Group of Companies, one of the eminent groups in Turkey, to dig out the creative talents in university students and to help them find out about themselves.
In the competition students harshly rivaled each other as each one of them was willing to attend Akkok Talent Seeds Camp and have both had fun and learnt new things.
Launched by Akkok Group of Companies to help university students dig out their creative talents and find out more about themselves, “Akkok Talent Seeds” project was a two-round event this year. In the competition organized on an online platform, a media that is very popular among students, students passing preliminary qualifications were invited to a two-day camp. Having attended various personal development trainings and workshops in the camp, students displayed their best performances. These performances were evaluated by a jury composed of top level executives from Akkok Group of Companies, and the winners received their prizes.
The champions of this year’s competition held in two rounds were Antoni Tekeli, Bahadir Kaya and Anil Ibis (“ITU CHE”) from Istanbul University. Bogazici University students (“Parametre”) ranked number two while Marmara University students (“Marun”) ranked number three.

Students who knew Akkok Group of Companies jumped ahead.
It was really a challenging but nevertheless a highly fun road for the participants of Akkok Talent Seeds project competition. The competition’s first round was an online race. Meanwhile effective promotional events took place in universities for the competition and there were face to face talks with students.
Students willing to compete applied by using their facebook addresses between April 18 and May 8 with an invitation to two of their friends who should be necessarily from the same university. These teams clashed against each other to give correct answers to 15 multiple-choice questions as quick as possible and to eliminate their rivals. Questions covered Akkok Group of Companies and the Group’s operational fields, and were published on the competition page on Facebook.
At the end of the competition six groups from Bilkent, Boğazici, ITU, Marmara, METU and Yildiz Technical University were qualified to attend the camp, In the Talent Seeds Camp where the 3-member teams raced against each other had the chance to know employees from Akkok Group of Companies and had an enjoyable weekend thanks to activities full of fun like chocolate workshop. Teams were also honored to take the first steps towards a green Akkok Talent Seeds Forest.
Following the training courses titled “Personal Development & Motivation” and “Be Distinctive in Communication” and given by specialist trainer, students displayed their performances at workshops. Finally they exhibited their creative skills with collage works built around the concept of “TheShopping Center in my dreams”, sponsored by GFK Turkey.
At the end of qualifications at every round, the winners received their prizes: Gift credit cards.